The Oncology Department includes surgeons trained in oncology surgery from all surgical sub-specialities.The Department of Surgical Oncology has been organized under various region specific areas:
x Breast
x Gynaecology
x Skin and Soft Tissue Tumors
x Head & Neck
x Gastrointestinal
x Urology
x Neurosurgery
x Orthopedics
The availability of all associated departments under one roof makes the management of most malignancies easier for the patient and the physician. These include Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pain Relief and Palliative Care as well as a laboratory and imaging services section.

surgical oncology:

The surgical oncology team of the Hospital has to its credit, a wide range of surgeries like:

x Breast conservation surgery and mastectomies - Breast Cancer
x Gynaecologic and Urologic Surgeries - Uterus and Ovary tumours
x Gastric & Colorectal Cancers including Sphincter sparing surgery using staplers
x Head and Neck Surgery with facilities for Plastic and Microvascular Reconstruction
x Limb Sparing Surgery (LSS) - Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours
x Thoracic Surgery - Oesophageal Cancer.

Medical Oncology:

x Chemotherapy involves use of drugs orally or intravenously in combating the cancer along with other modalities
x The centre has a team of qualified and experienced medical oncologists who prescribe standard protocols and regimens that offer the greatest chance of cure with cost effectiveness.