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Our consultants have considerable experience in microsurgery, in the field of male infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Male Infertility :
Occurs in conditions like oligospermia, azospermia, varicocele.
Ejaculatory Dysfunction.
Erectile Dysfunction :
Seen in unconsummated marriages, premarital counseling, premature ejaculation and poor erection in various groups and with various accompanying conditions like diabetes and cardiac diseases.
Audiology & Speech
This department deals with speech and hearing disorder.
A.   Audiology :
We deal with :
Hearing Assessment.
Cochlear Pathology.
Retrocochlear Pathology.
Diagnostic audiometer is used to remove audiogram.
B.    Speech Language Impairments :
We deal with :
1. Delayed Language and speech.
Hearing impairment
Cleft lip / Palate.
Mental Retardation.
Cerebral Palsy.
Psychological problems.
2. Dyslalia (Faulty articulation)
3. Voice problems.
4. Stammering
5. Aphasia
Non expressive
Services offered :
Assessment by speech language pathologist.
Therapy planned and conducted in department.
Parental counseling.
Guidance regarding special schools.
The parents are actively involved and constantly given guidance.